Analog Audio problem after last upgrade

I have a pretty bad hearing defecit. In order to comfortably watch TV with my family I wear headphones that plug into my stereo receiver, while the rest of the audio comes through the speakers in our room.

The setup is Vero 4K+ > HDMI out > Denon Receiver > Speakers and Headphones

This worked great right out of the box when I got my Vero. Now (I believe after the last update) this doesnt work. I only get the sound out of the speakers.

Any ideas how I can get this working again? I have searched and not found a similar problem

It seems unlikely this has anything to do with Vero. My AVR (Yamaha) certainly doesn’t have the ability to feed speakers and headphones at the same time. When you plug in the headphones, the speakers automatically cut out.

So I’m surprised it ever worked. What is the model of the Denon?