Analog Audio

Hey Everybody,

Unitl now I used a Raspberry PI of the First Generation Model B with OSMC Jarvis and everything was fine with an old CRT TV, however this device is very slow - Composite Video and Analog Audio.
So I purchased a new Rasp Pi 3 and installed OSMC Krypton and connected the device with the combined audio/video cinch adapter. Moreover I’m using the same power supply (2A, 5V):

What can I say. The video qualitity seems to be much better, however I’ve problems with the audio signal.

Some videos seem to be ok and others noise pretty much. Also the noise is getting worse by time. If I pause the video its ok, but if I stop the video also the osmc desktop noise really much.

The same videos watching on the old Raspberry Pi device didn’t noise in any way.

Also I’ve tried out different cinch adapters with the same result.

One idea is changing the power supply. What do you think is a good solution?


You will get much better audio from a USB soundcard. I don’t know which will work with OSMC but suspect that the cheapest ones will use common chips which have a good chance of being supported. Maybe @sam_nazarko could comment on USB soundcard support generally. I use one branded by a UK retailer but it costs twice as much as a Pi so may not be what you want.

The best power supply is here of course.

Hey, yeah thats right, I dont really want to use an external soundcard.

Moreover my question is why Raspberry Pi 1 B is so much better than Raspberry Pi 3 in my case?!

Then you may get a better answer on a RPi forum. Pretty sure it will be down to the hardware, not OSMC but I may be wrong. How does it sound using Raspbian?