Analog Digital TV Converters

Hi, I’m just asking a question here. For a while, I’ve had these “DTV” Converter Boxes laying around from the big switch from Analog to Digital Television broadcasts, and since my new(now “kinda old”) TV has one built in These 2 have just been sitting. I’ve seen some photos/videos of Kodi/OSMC connected to a cable line and being able to watch TV in their home media centres. I’m wondering if the Kodi software can allow for one of those DTV boxes instead of Cable TV, for emergency and other purposes like camping/etc.

Out of my 2 boxes they both have Coax Ant. In and TV Out, but on of them has a RCA Comp. Out(?) labeled “Video”, “L”(Left), and “R”(Right). They both have a switch for switching between Ch 3 and Ch 4 additionally.

Any advice is appreciated! :slightly_smiling:

Was your question not sufficiently answered on the Kodi forum??

Can allow what? What is your percieved purpose of including these ancient, obsolete devices in any setup? I don’t know why OSMC should have any bearing on your question.

  1. It’s Free

  2. I Have them

  3. I’ve seen Cable setups on Kodi and i’m wondering about your guys’ opinion about if it’s possible or not.

  4. I duplicated the post for accessibility, There might be members that only visit this one or the other and i’m trying to get it out there. I’ve seen it done before.

What you have are converters. What you need are tuners. When you build a Kodi live tv setup, you’ll be using some sort of live tv backend, likely TVHeadend. You need a tuner that TVHeadend knows how to interface with. Your converters will not be recognized by TVHeadend. I’m sure they’re recyclable though :wink:

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Hmm, I’ve heard of USB tuner and converters that are used with a computer and have the same function as the Boxes I own…Here’s one: | Save Money. Live Better (Sorry for the long link lol)

Would these be more appropriate for Kodi/OSMC since it supports USB on most(/all?) it’s platforms including the one i’m using the Raspberry Pi (B+ In my case).

Search this forum for “dvb”. You should find plenty of examples of working devices.

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Woah! Thanks. Seems like a lot of relevant answers, I’ll research and come back if I Have any questions that haven’t been answered already. :slightly_smiling:

Found this list helpful as RPi/OSMC is Linux based.

It says that the tuner I Had linked to is actually unsupported :joy:

This one is a bit more pricey, but according to Hauppauge - LinuxTVWiki It’s supported.

Hauppauge Support | Running WinTV TV tuners and HD PVR 2 under Linux It’s main website says it’s supported on OpenELEC Kodi so I’m willing to believe it will work with OSMC.