Android APK or Skin

Hi, I just love the way osmc looks and how it works. Im just wondering, since there is so current port to android, will there be an apk we can download any time soon to use on x86 android and arm android? Or will there be a skin download that can be used on any device using kodi? Thank you so much for your work!


Hi Mark

I actually decided against an Android port in the end as we wouldn’t be able to deliver the OSMC experience people have come to expect on it.



awe that’s sad to hear. Thanks for the reply though

Hi Mark,

OSMC is an Operating System, not an App or Programm.

But you can install [Kodi][1] (The Media Center Part of OSMC) itself on your e.g. Tablet. I’ve done that, too, to watch my Stuff in Bed (or on the toilet :wink: ). You can install Add-ons on the Tablet the usual way, too.

If you like the Look of OSMC, I think the Skin which is used in OSMC by default is the [Mimic-Skin][2].


The skin in OSMC is not Mimic-Skin, but is developed as a modification from the Conq skin. But it’s been modified a lot by now, and it’s the original skinner that made the Conq skin who is working on the OSMC skin along side our OSMC graphics designer Simon Brunton.

It actually stands for open source media center xD. But thanks for your reply. Mimic doesn’t seem to look the same though :(. I just like the skin, its to bad I have to go pick up a rasp pi now to use it. Thanks though

You can grab the skin from GitHub


Uthank you so much Sam. One day I’ll upgrade to a Pi from android and support your wonderful project :slight_smile:

What folder is it on github? XD sorry

And would I be able to add it to my kodi? And use it right away just like any other skin?

OSMC uses Kodi as graphical interface so yes.
The skin is in there:

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Thank you so much sir!

Okay I added the skin.osmc file to my kodi addons and turned it on to that skin then restarted my device and now it just gives me the home screen with nothing on it. is there other files i need?


I would guess you would need all the files in the listing I gave you (basically all the folder in the addon directory).

I added them all, its still the same :frowning:

Nvm it randomly started working. thanks for your help! :]

Is there any chance of running Android apps inside OSMC? Like Samsung’s Tizen OS with ACL, Android Compatibity Layer. That would fix not being able to get Netflix and other streaming, or would DRM get in the way?
OpenMobile Runs Android Apps on Tizen Hardware at CES | Pocketnow - YouTube

So is there a osmc media center apk already compiled and availiable for download? or do i need to compile my own?