Android App and osmc


I have been around for answers but nothing concrete came up.
How Can i run an android app on osmc on my Pi2? Or is it possible to port the app to work with osmc?

This isn’t possible, only the Vero can run Android applications at this time


I just wanted to confirm that it could not be done right now. I saw a topic about that some where. But is it possible to port an app to the OSMC (kodi)?

Everything is possible, it’s just the question about the efforts.
But as there are fundamental differences between the operating systems this is not trivial.

Is there an android image available now? The only reason I picked up a Vero to replace my Pi2 was for this.

Give us a week, and I’ll announce it on the blog


Awesome news. Thanks Sam

Any news, not seen anything on the blog?

We’ll announce it on the blog when it’s ready.