Android Emulators


Are there any Android Emulators I can run on Raspberry PI3 and OSMC ?


If you want Android and Kodi I think it would make more sense to install Android on your Pi and then install Kodi on Android.

Were can I find an Android install for RPI3B+ ?
I think support is dwindling for this arch

Thanks in advance

small suggestion, google knows alot


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Using raspberry pi3B+ (armv7l).
Is virtualization turned on in this image OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20230606.img.gz ?
If so, are the VM libraries installed ?

Now it has been a while since i used OSMC on a pi device, last pi3 just stopped responding 8 months ago. but here goes a train of thoughts:

OSMC is a Debian based OS, optimised for mediacenter activities, is virtulization among those in your mind?

Do yuo belive a devie with just 1 gb of ram wil handle two graphical OS at the same time?

So even if debian has packages for it, why would they be distobuted as install by default on a mediacenter?

In my mind that is like takeing a kajcc to cross the Atlantic ocean, possible but not even close to enjoyable or as problem free as other alternatives.

Nice reply, thanks for the info.