Android image not on the OSMC download page

Like others, I bought the Vero on the promise that it can run Android Media apps (yes, Netflix). My new Vero 4k does not apparently have an Android image, and looking at the forums, it appears that there is a great clamor from others for this feature through early 2016, and then a post in August 2016 that says the image is available on the OSMC download page.

There is no such image on this page. Has it been withdrawn, or moved? I can’t find a more recent indicator. I did find this comment from Sam: “Running Android off an SD card is quite tricky”. Maybe so, but my Nook eReader has done it for years.

Once and for all, does Vero4k support dual boot with Android for media apps? If so, where is the image located?


Well Android was not marketed for the Vero4k. It was marketed for the Vero2 where there are also instructions available for how to install it on the SD Card.

Currently no Android Image for the Vero4k but it might be introduced in the future

While there might also be chances that Netflix will natively appear in Kodi (and therefore in OSMC).

As far as I understand, this is one of the for the future planned features.

And in the description or feature-list I didn’t find anything written or promised about an actual Android Software solution.

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Apparently having Android, or Android TV, and even Google Store access on a media Box does not guarantee it will run/install the Netflix app. This was a surprise for me, although not because of Vero 4K, because I never came across any ad discussing Android being used on it.

Apparently, regardless of meeting these criteria, Netflix must authorize the device to run their app. A possible criteria is installed users, which is surprising.

Channel Master, is releasing an Android TV device in January that won’t have Netflix abilitities.

An Executive for Channel Master stated Netflix had given different reasons for not authorizing the device, including Requiring a substantial user base.

That seems unusual to me.