Android screen mirroring

I want to just have the android screen mirroring feature on the OSMC. Can anyone please guide me?

Using a rasp pi 3 and osmc.

The closes I got is using “Screen Stream Mirroring” on the phone and run screen mirroring over DLNA, but dont expect to mirror apps like netflix or something like that. It’s laggy and updates the screen like once per second.

Thanks for the reply joakim.

I just want to do is screen mirroring. So netflix isn’t my concern

Can yoy please tell me how can i achive screen mirroring using dlna on osmc?

Try this app on your phone, Stream Screen Mirroring.

I am expecting to do the same but mirroring is not supported. could you please send me exact link to achieve this?? explained videos???

Using the app i posted earlier, then goto Settings → services → UPnp/DLNA, enable Allow remote control via UPnP.

App. FAQ: Screen Stream Mirroring

You should be able to mirror your androids screen to OSMC device.