Android to Osmc over USB? Or other method not requiring wifi?

I was using an old Windows PC running Kodi up until now. I regularly transferred files from my Android phone (Samsung s7). To my PC then watched them on Kodi.

How do I transfer files without wifi to Osmc?

I paired with Bluetooth but I couldn’t seem to send files that way either.

Thanks for any help

If i am not mistaken in SYSTEM->File Manager you can do all that. Just place what you want in a usb stick, plug it in, then from there add it as a source (in window A). You can right click copy and paste to the B window somewhere inside your PI…(usually under OSMC folder). Then again from Videos->Files, browse to that folder and play.
If you go to System->Settings->Appearance then change Settings Level to Expert, if File Lists there will be a checkbox “Allow file renaming and deletion”. Activating it, will allow you to delete files as well when you right click in File Manager.
If it doesnt work in window A, then do all the above in window B…i am not sure if these features are activated in both windows.

Drive doesn’t show at all in file manager. I assume it needs a driver or whatever the linux equivalent is.

Did you look in Root Filesystem>Media folder?