Android TV

Add the ability to install Android TV on Vero 4K +! It’s a shame that such a powerful set-top box is lying around in the table, but I use xiaomi TV box, which has more options. Please give your customers a choice!

This requires a certification which we don’t have.

Is it there any chance to see osmc app for Android TV?

What are you considering as OSMC APP?
You should be able to install Kodi on Android TV and install the OSMC skin on it then you would have OSMC on Android TV.

Does it mean that osmc apart OS is just full copy of KODI?
I’m experiences problem with playbacks avi xvid files, there is huge delays audio from video and video is not smooth on my Sony Android TV. But MrMC fork kodi just playing it with no problems at all!
Unfortunately this fork is not customizable and didn’t support any plugins.

Well not as simple as that as there are also interactions between Kodi and the OS. But OSMC is a package of Debian and Kodi which you could not in that form have on Android TV.

Thank you.
But it not clear for me, on Vero device OS is Android, isn’t? Osmc works on it, is it possible to use this Android osmc apps? Maybe it possible to extract kodi osmc from Vero and then install it on my TV?

No it’s Debian

Strange, on wiki I saw that there is Android 4.4 on Vero and it’s possible to install Android apps on it.

I assume you may refer to the Vero1 (7 years old) which had the option to run Android. But OSMC the OS part was always Debian.

OK, I got it, thank you for clarification.