Animated Posters

I’ve heard from a friend that you can animate cover art & posters. Has anyone here tried that?
I’m guessing it eats up a lot of resources.
What do you think?

I’m getting nosebleed just trying to read the requirements :laughing:

Kodi animated posters

I think 1st question is, does OSMC skin support animated posters?

At least it has the option “Select Animated Art” so why not you give it a try?


I used to use it, but while some look good, some are really quite crap, so I turned it off in the end.

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Where can I find this option? in the movie library? Then change cover art?

Just go to one of your movies and press c then it will be on the popup menu

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It works. You just need to use a skin that supports it. Aeon Mq7 or mq8 looks great with it. Use artwork beef to automatically load them in. Start here.

Thanks @gkron92!

Thanks, @fzinken!