Announcing the OSMC PiDrive

Last September, we announced that OSMC had teamed up with WDLabs, a business growth incubator division of Western Digital. We've stayed in touch since then and we've spent several months working on something that compliments Raspberry Pi and really allows our users to get the best of OSMC.

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Any plans on selling just the case?

I, and I’m sure many others here, already have the 1TB PiDrive that was released some time ago; but a nicer case, such as this one, would be great compared to the wonky case that WDLabs built.


We don’t have plans to do so at this time, but I’ll keep this suggestion in mind. One reason I’m not quite sure about selling the case on its own is that the drive we ship with it is a good fit for the case (both size and heat wise). Other drives may not be. I understand that an existing PiDrive by WD will be fine, but this is a rare request.


I’d also just like the opportunity to buy the case plus the accessories minus the drive and the SD card. This would be a much nicer setup that what I currently use, but I would like to maintain my existing 1Tb drive. I assume this uses a standard 2.5" SATA drive.

As mentioned above, the exact height of the drive / power / heat requirements mean that some people may be disappointed if they use a third party. The drive is 7mm. You would also need a drive compatible with the PiDrive cable.

I’ll let you know if this changes in the future.


The included drive is a native USB3 drive, NOT sata

What is actually so special about this drive? Is it more secure (so it dosen’t break so easy), or is it only special because it can get inside the osmc case?

The drive is low power. There were some requests to develop a case that enclosed a Pi and a hard drive nicely, so that’s what we have here.

You could build your own case, but it won’t be as well integrated.


IR sensor?

The kit does not include an IR sensor. TSOPs are quite cheap to buy and wire to the GPIO and our official, recommended remote uses a small USB RF sensor.

I’d love to get the case only as well since I already have the 1TB PiDrive.

Yep, I think he was after the OSMC case though

Here is the OSMC 6x6 case in white minus the logo

Here is a listing of all availabls WD Labs stuff

OSMC Pi Drive has been featured on MagPi 50! Great Job!

Yep, and there’s still a chance to win one!

Just an update for those interested, we’re now stocking just the OSMC case for those that already have a PiDrive.



Does the PiDrive have enough space to fit a Hifiberry (or other brand) DAC? When I go for a portable system, I want to have analog ports (that do not have noise like the builtin version of the raspberry). I can create a hole for the ports myself, just need to know if the PiDrive case top will close.

Unfortunately not, sorry.