Another Black screen after update VERO 2

I’m somewhat recovered, but now my audio is less than optimal.

I had this same problem on my Vero 2 after I took the latest update last night.
I don’t think I had any add-ons - except possibly Yahoo Weather.

After checking the forum;
I stopped mediacenter
I moved ~/.kodi out of the way
restarted mediacenter

and nothing, no video bitstream out of the hdmi port.
I then did a systemctl reboot and it looked like it came back up.

Of course now all my settings were blown away. I recreated most of them, but I can not get my audio pass through working. I am only presented with the analog and spidif out options. I don’t get an hdmi option for audio out.

The Vero2 connects to a Pioneer VSX-1018AH-K and then to an LG 1080p panel.
I’ll be able to debug this further later tonight. Let me know if there are any logs in particular that are needed.

Sorry for the late reply – not sure how I missed the follow up here.

Did you get this working?