Another reason for a Shutdown / Hibernation mode the Vero 4K

Besides some reduced power consumption I found another reason why a proper Shutdown / Hibernation mode makes sense. (And by proper I mean that you afterwards can turn on the Vero 4K by your RF or IR remote).

In my case I’ve got a separate PC with two DVB-C TV Cards in it and it acts as a TV server / recorder. This PC is normally in Hibernation mode but it will be automatically switched on if one of my Kodi boxes are switched on (I’m using Advanced Wake On Lan add-on for this).
If, after an hour, there are no active network connections anymore this TV server automatically goes into hibernation mode.
Now because I currently can’t switch on my Vero 4K by remote I left it on after using it but it then turns out that also my TV server is not going into Hibernation mode. :frowning:
So for the time being I shutdown the Vero 4K but by remote but if I want to re-use it again I need to briefly unplug the power leads. For me it is not a real big issue but it has a low “Wife Acceptance Factor” at home.

So the sooner a hibernation feature is implement the better it is.


It’s being worked on and use cases such as this definitely reinforce the need for this feature



I realize this is being worked on, but wanted to add a vote to the plan to include hibernation mode. On my TV, a powered up device plugged into an HDMI port will cause the TV to shift focus to that port. If I switch my TV to a HDMI 1 to watch TV and I don’t turn the satellite box on quickly enough, the Vero4K will make my TV flip back to HDMI 2.

Plus the low “Wife Acceptance Factor”. :slight_smile:

When it’s added, we will disable the HDMI TMDS clock, so that the TV will not lock on to it. I’ll make some testing available shortly, so keep your eyes peeled.

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