Another video stutter issue

I was going to post this under the other issue a user posted, but decided to start a new thread to avoid hijack etc. Please merge if needed.

I am also getting this only on some files - they play fine if I skip forward etc, just stutter when played from the start. They play fine in Kodi on Windows, both playing over same network from NAS. Log is here with restart, video played and stuttering, then skip, and then play back being fine.

Have you tried to play that file locally to first exclude the network as contribution factor?
have you tried removing your cache/buffer you configured in advanced settings?

Will test now and report.

  • Played same file locally on unit, existing advancedsettings - same result - stutter from start, works if skip fwd etc
  • Played same file locally on unit, rename advancedsettings and reboot - same result - stutter from start, works if skip fwd etc

Network is hardwired, file is 1080p, metadata here

I had a look at the log. I can see a couple of issues. You’re playing an interlaced clip and we know that some interlaced material cause playback issues. We’re currently investigating them. But there’s also the mediainfo that tells us

Frame rate mode                          : Variable
Frame rate                               : 49.945 FPS
Original frame rate                      : 25.000 FPS

which is a weird frame rate, and variable frame rates always cause issues. BUT that could also be a bug in mediainfo, I simply don’t trust mediainfo anymore.

And there’re also some warning messages from the hardware decoder like the one mentioned below which suggests that the stream could be corrupt:

[   90.120495] 0: Warning: max_dec_frame_buffering(2) is less than DPB size(4) calculated from Profile/Level.

You said that skipping forward solves that issue. Can you do a test and skip back to the beginning of the clip after you skipped forward? I’d like to know if that skip back causes the clip to play without stuttering from the beginning.

And a second test please: start the clip and when it stutters pause playback and then press play to continue. Does that pause/play solve that issue, too?

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skipping forward and then skipping back to start causes the stutter to come back

stutter remains after pausing and resume (stutter does not restart though if skipped first, then pause and resume)

I agree, it could just be a malformed stream.