[ANSWERED] Can OSMC on RPI3 play Hi10p video

Hi, I’m new on using OSMC.

I’ve been trying to play Hi10p video (mostly fansub) with OSMC on my RPI3.

But it doesn’t seem to be correctly decoding the video (I get the same effect as when I use a non Hi10p supportive player on my PC)

So i’m here to ask if OSMC on RPI3 can plau Hi10p videos

Thank you for your answer



GPU doesn’t support and it will stutter playing software (CPU) only. You would be better off re-encoding.

Thanks Tom.

AFAIK RPI3 doesn’t support Hi10p in HW so it will only work with a SW-player. In which case the RPI3 probably doesn’t have enough power tot decode.

If you’d like to play Hi10p you should look into a device which supports it like the Vero4K.


Thanks, i’ll probably do the re-encoding stuff

It’s a format that never caught on outside of anime, so no HW decoder support.
There have been some optimisations though – so it might be possible with a v18 build.