Antenna DTV On Kodi?

I Know Kodi can Access Live TV If you are hooked up to a Service (Xfinity, Cox, etc.) But is there a way to hook up an antenna for DTV Antenna TV? I’ve Seen/Owned these Little Converter Boxes that you plug into coaxial and to an Antenna, and gets the analog Antenna TV. I’m Going Offline for what i want To Do with My PI/Kodi, so is there a way to hook this kind of setup up?
Any Feedback is appreciated! :smile:

I Remembered that RadioShack sold Pocket TV’s in the early 2000’s. Something like that.

I think what you need is a DVB-T

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Thanks, I’ll Look into that.

Yeah, and it works well. I have a TV Wonder 600 usb stick (dirt cheap) and it grabs ATSC over the air. I pair that with tvheadend and zap2xml (for guide) and works great! Even better than getting digital tv tv (over the air) on my tv.

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