Any 4K Remux w HD Audio / Atmos Issues on OSMC/Vero 4K+?

I’m running into playback issues for 4K HDR remuxes – microstutters and audio drops on Kodi via NVIDIA Shield Pro and big seek/chapter seek crashes in CoreELEC on an ODROID N2+. Will eagerly make the jump to OSMC if these problems are fixed already, but hoping to confirm before hunting down a Vero 4K+.


Perhaps look into root cause issues first? I have the “tube” version of the nVidia Shield in daily use and it plays 4K mkvs via Kodi just fine, as do my Vero boxes. Network connections all wired to main switch cupboard where the NAS lives.

Root cause is the hardware/Kodi software. Google / GitHub have open bugs in both instances.

I’m asking if there are any global/unsolved similar issues on OSMC via Vero 4K+

No – I think if that was the case we’d have a lot of reports on our forums.


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