Any chance for a new "99" Vero 4K offer in the foreseeable future?

Missed the last one and 100 bucks is my pain barrier. Any particular dates when to watch out for any such offers?

I’m pretty sure Sam will whip something up. There’s been a sale about every quarter last year :slight_smile:

1 Year anniversary, Valentine’s day, I’m in a good mood day… :yum:

Well maybe not anymore so fast after this complain :wink:

Nothing better than getting a Vero 4K for your loved one :wink:

That was a bit of a strange discussion … to say the least …

Well, I would certainly love myself :wink:

I’m in a good mood.


It’s CNY at the moment. Get them while we have stock!


So, I am in a good mood, too!

Much appreciated, thanks!

:roll_eyes: Couldn’t wait and ordered mine just a weeky ago, seems I should be a bit more patient next time :grin:.
But all in all I’m quite happy with the new device together with the nice remote.
And I have to say that I was impressed by the really fast delivery. Ordered on Friday afternoon and it already arrived at my home (Austria) on Tuesday morning :+1:

Well – you’re a week ahead of delivery. We saw a lot of interest over the weekend and it’s going to take us a while to clear this backlog.