Any chance of a tweak to whitelisting logic?

There’s a slight problem with the whitelist logic on my Vero 4K+. It seems very likely that this is a Kodi issue and not an OSMC one; but there is a historical precedent for OSMC using different whitelist logic from vanilla Kodi, so I’m wondering if this issue could also be fixed in an OSMC-specific way? (Hence I’m raising this as a feature request rather than as a bug report!)

The problem is with videos that have a resolution of 960x540, with a frame-rate of 25 or 50fps. (These are quite common nowadays on iPlayer). With all available resolutions whitelisted, Kodi defaults to playing these at 576p/50Hz. This means we are losing some of the horizontal resolution, by downscaling from 960 pixels to 720; and the way the whitelist is supposed to work (I think!) is that it should never result in a video being downscaled, only upscaled. (There’s obviously some vertical scaling involved as well).

It seems obvious to me that Kodi should be switching up to 720p/50Hz, or 1080p/50Hz (or maybe 1080p/25Hz if it’s a 25fps video).

Is this possible?

Yes. It will be in the next update.

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This should now be in the staging repository.

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Finally got around to testing this, and yes, it’s working nicely. :+1:


Come to think of it, there’s another bit of whitelist logic that seems odd to me. I’ve been playing some videos today that are 2160p/25fps. I’ve got 2160p/25Hz whitelisted. But the output mode defaults to 2160p/50Hz instead of 25. That wouldn’t be a problem except that the Vero 4K+ seems to have occasional issues with outputting 25fps at 50Hz - sometimes leads to jerky playback.

So, low priority, but maybe that could be tweaked too at some point? In general, if there’s a mode that exactly matches the video’s dimensions and frame rate, it doesn’t make sense to output at double the refresh rate; that should only be a fallback if there’s no exact match.