Any experience with Emby for Kodi and multiple Veros?


Im setting up a new media solution for work. We have 2 tvs in our lounge (Samsung 2018 QLED 7-series) and a Synology NAS. I have also ordred two vero 4k+. The network is gigabit ethernet.

Since we are doing multiple clients i have looked at a shared MySQL database running from the synology, but i have also looked at Emby witch i have to say, sounds like a easier option?

If im not mistanken, you install Emby on the synology and both Kodi-clients just connect to that server/database?

Im guessing all transcoding and playing of media will still be done by the Vero? So the Synology will only be used for hosting files? We used plex before and it did not do a good job transcoding files, especially 4k video. The Vero 4k+ i have at home works perfectly.

Is there anyone here who has done a similar thing? Would be grateful for some experiences on this.


I use Emby for Kodi on my Vero 4k+ and a mix of other devices . I use the Emby Sync addon not the EmbyCon one.

just install the addon in Kodi and point to your server, make sure you turn off the transcoding so it plays native in kodi. You also need to add the server paths to kodi to play native.


Do i turn of transcoding on the server or in the kodi-addon itself?

Just installed emby server on my computer to do some testing.

On the addon in Kodi if you go to the Emby settings and under Sync there is an option called Playback Mode - change that to Native (direct paths) and it will always play directly on the client, no transcoding. you need to add the paths in Kodi to match the library paths in Emby server so something like \servername\folder

The server can still use transcoding to other devices either directly via webclient, emby app or via another kodi add on if you need it too. you can set each device independently.

I installed the server, added the repo in kodi and added the Emby for Kodi addon. Set up direct play and set up the correct paths.

This is exactly what i was looking for! I can manage my media from a central server/NAS and all the transcoding is being done by the Vero. Just tested with Planet Earth 2 4k HDR and is just like if i played it locally.

Gotta say, the combination of Emby, kodi and Vero is kicking our previous setup into the ground (Plex running on nas, plex app on tv with tv only getting 100 mbit via cable).

Thanks for the help!