Any have experience configuring OpenVPN client to still be able to access LAN?

I’ve setup an OpenVPN client on my Vero4k. I’ve done it through systemd, vs through the OpenVPN Kodi addon.

It’s all working correctly, but of course that now breaks access to the SMB shares I have configured to others systems on my LAN.

Can the OpenVPN client be configured (or can a route be added?) to allow my Vero4K to access SMB shares on my LAN?

Could anyone either give me the settings or maybe point me in the right direction? Not having any lucking with Google.


Cannot help you with your setup. But I have installed OpenVPN and using zomboided VPN Manager, and it works very well, including the LAN part.

Of course, my very next google search gave me the answer…

As the last line of the .ovpn you’re using add:

route add {local ip gateway subnet}.0 mask gw {pre-VPN assigned IP of OSMC machine}

So for me this was:
route add mask gw

These DOES require that you’re either using a static IP address for your OSMC machine, or that you have a DHCP lease configured in your router to always hand-out the same IP address to your OSMC machine.

There should normally be no need to specify the route to local network.

What’s the output of route -n with and without the VPN running?