Any news on the Crystal card

Hello all y’all.

It’s been a while since the ATV build hasn’t had a working crystal card.

Any way we might see this sooner rather than later? Will it ever happen, or should we roll back to the latest version with a working Crystal card?

Also, thanks all concerned for the great amount the work you’re putting into OSMC, My Pi2 and Pi3 boxes work wonderfully; if not for the fact that I hate to throw away perfectly capable hardware, I would get rid of my ATV and go all Vero and Rpi.

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the thing is its not capable sam said so plenty of times its obsolete and thats why its being phased out

I am holding out hoping the news will change Casca. I love my ATV1. But I understand the times are changing. I’m still satisfied with what I currently have. I read in a previous thread a coder is going to try and find a possible solution since Sam is no longer working with the AppleTV. Sam gave his blessings to do so. I am sending good energy his way! But as of yet, nothing new.

PS. People should be a little more considerate when responding to threads. As mentioned, “please make sure you can provide something constructive”.

I must have missed the tread where Sam said he is giving up and passing the baton on to someone else.

I got a lot of value out of my ATV, but I will still be sad to see it go. Well, probably not go as such, just relegated to non video playing duties.

This is the news…

PS. nothing can be more constructive than the truth and the facts surrounding the matter.

The support for AppleTV will formally end within the next two months


Sad to hear, but ultimately inevitable.

Will we have the option to install a “known working version”, where we can then freeze the updating of the “broken” parts, while still allowing for the update of the rest of the system?

Yes, I can, most likely, do that by hand; but there probably are others who can’t, so, it would probably be a good option to have.

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We’ll keep the latest Jarvis image and Krypton image on the website. There won’t be any
updates after that. There will be no parts we recommend updating; because there won’t be a verified
support path.

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Thanks for the input, Sam.

It will be a sad day when I have to retire my ATV. I will most likely go back to a working version before that, and keep using it as a Airplay receiver and occasional video player.

Indeed. It’s not easy but everything has to move on eventually.

I hope to give Vero 4K a very similar support term as we did AppleTV (i.e a long time)


Just remember the “working” version is exploitable and there for you likely got get hacked if you dont isolate it in in your network ie setting it up another vlan cause you dont want it to be in the same as your computer, the best course is to retire it and get a new device that is more powerful.

I understand it can theoretically be hacked, but for someone like me, who only plays locally stored vids, and uses it as an Airplay receiver, the hacks remain, basically… theoretical.

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@Toast: how is it exploitable?

@Sam: Thank you very much for making your software available for ATV all this time. Is there a relatively straight forward way to upgrade the installation to *buntu/Debian so that I can continue using ATV as a NAS device and headless LAN server? It would be nice if some instructions were made available to this effect, as it would save me a complete reinstall.


All of the Debian packages are available underneath.
You can’t upgrade to Ubuntu (you’d need to build your own images); although IIRC Ubuntu has abandoned this architecture.

@MickKi Kodi at Jarvis has multiple exploits in webserver and in subtitles just search the kodi forums for more detailed info if your really interested in learning more about the exploits, im not trying to make people feel bad about the fact that their old appletv is being discontinued but its more or less time to move on to a more and better capable hardware.

Thanks Toast, I was thinking of buying a crystal card but was waiting until I upgrade my TV this autumn. I never looked into the main problem with the driver for the card not supported anymore, to see if there is a work-around/fix on some other distro. I’d rather stay with OSMC, it is excellent work (thank you Sam!) but if some other distro is an option I will consider moving to it and installing KODI as a separate app.

If all else fails then I will still look into alternative distros, or build something based on Gentoo, if only to use ATV as a home NAS server.


Best is to ditch the device all together

There is no other distro supporting CrystalHD. I suspect you won’t be able to get Kodi v18 to run smoothly in the device at all

Crystal HD users remember to manually add these patches, otherwise SMB connection between Kodi 16 and Windows will stop working after Fall Creator Update this September.

Is there any way to run any version of osmc for crystalhd support?