Any other requests for Netflix

I have no idea what the complexity is but I’d love to have Netflix available on OSMC on a ATV1. (Not sure if it could be done natively or as a KODI plugin). With Kodi and Netflex, I have everything I want out of my ATV1.


dunno if that platform has what it takes but the closes i can offer is the streaming solution in the howto section

its very hard with closed services like netflix due to their DRM protection for us (Opensource Developers/users) to get support since they dont care about such platforms.

Thanks for the info. I’d really prefer having a device that does it all natively so I’ll probably skip the streaming solution but it’s good to know that it might be an option.

Also interesting to know why Netflix might not be available directly. I never thought about it but it makes a lot of sense.


Vero 2 will be able to handle netflix.

Dunno much about it but there is a thread here on the forum :slight_smile:

might be worth checking out and asking questions