Any plans to have rutorrent client available?

I have a very good installation of ruTorrent on a RPi on Raspbian and find it great.

Any idea of packaging ruTorrent (preferably in my tests to Transmission) on the app store ?


I am liking the look of Deluge as our torrent client of choice


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Does Deluge have good RSS support? That’s very important to some of us. When I was looking for a torrent client with good rss support to run on AsusWRT rtorrent/rutorrent was the only one that came close to what I needed. The only thing it’s missing is an episode filter so it doesn’t download multiple copies of the same episode.

I initially chose Deluge because of the client–server separation it offers, but I found Deluge to be pretty resource-intensive on the machine I had it on (which wasn’t a full-scale PC, but was still more powerful than a Pi).

I ended up switching to Transmission, whose first-billed feature is “uses fewer resources than other clients.” It also has the aforementioned client–server separation; my preferred client is transmission-remote-gtk on the PC and Transdroid on the phone. The Transmission server ran well for me on a Raspberry Pi 1.

I can’t speak for Transmission’s RSS support (or lack thereof), as I’ve never really combined the two.

In either case, I guess if we could get Flexget working, it would give that functionality to whatever torrent client ends up being used.

It’s just that I’ve never had any luck getting Flexget working. :disappointed: Maybe that’s something you OSMC gurus can work on eventually :wink:

Update: Well, the good news is that I tried installing flexget on OSMC for the hell of it and it actually worked. Other than the systemd flexget.service not working just yet, I should be good to go! (Once I get a torrent client running.)

There is now a discussion on torrent clients here


Did you manage to get flexget working? I’ve been using it since forever, if you’d like I could make a short tutorial.

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I did! It’s pretty great. Don’t know how I ever did without it.

I know this is a little old, but I’m busy trying to get Transmission setup to auto-download from RSS and it seems Flexget is the best option, so if you could put up a little tutorial then that would be super helpful :smile:

I’ve looked around a bit, but can’t find anything definitive that helps me get things setup.

If I remember correctly, I installed python-pip (required to install flexget):
sudo apt-get install pip-python

Then install flexget (takes a while):
sudo pip install flexget

And install transmissionrpc (needed for flexget to control transmission)
sudo pip install transmissionrpc

Then flexget refused to work properly, but I fixed that by updating to the latest version:
sudo pip install flexget --upgrade

At some point pip stopped working for me, but I fixed it using, but i guess uninstalling and reinstalling would have worked.

Then you have to create a config.yml file for flexget at /home/osmc/.config/flexget/config.yml
I did this with notepad using samba, but I guess some sudo mkdir and sudo nano will get the job done.

EDIT: Don’t forget to create a cron job to auto-run flexget! Install cron from the OSMC app store, and then run “crontab -e” and create your fancy entry, or just use this one: “@hourly /usr/local/bin/flexget --cron exec”

Here’s a redacted version of my config file [replace the --dashes-- at the left with spaces. Space counting is very important in .yml files] :

----rss: [myshowrssfeedlinkgoeshere]
----all_series: yes
------host: localhost
------port: [numbers go here]
------username: [iamnottellingyou]
------password: [myuserandpassword]
------path: /media/myusblabelgoeshere/TV_Shows/{{series_name}}/Season {{series_season}}
------addpaused: no
------host: localhost
------port: [numbers]
------username: [stillnottellingyou]
------password: [myusernadpassword]
------finished_for: 24 hours
------url: [a custom search rss feed from that bittorrent site that “kicks ass”]
------other_fields: [‘torrent:magnetURI’]
------link: ‘torrent:magnetURI’
----magnets: yes
----accept_all: yes
------host: localhost
------port: [numbers]
------username: [usergoeshere]
------password: [password]
------path: /media/usblabel/Movies/

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Just an FYI, you can use backticks to format code properly. Our forum supports markdown.

I’ve never been able to get them working properly… So I’ve given up and decided to use dashes for short scripts and pastebin for longer ones. It’s sloppy, but it gets the job done!

Thank you for the tip though :smile: you guys provide great support here on the forums!

Thanks for this @misled3k! I’ll give this all a shot today and see how it goes :slight_smile:

Simply select the text that you want to format then click the formatted text button </> in the edit window. :wink:

I think you are downloading anything uploaded on tracker. You should use filters, like trakt, imdb lists, or manually specific series or movies. Flexget is a very powerfull tool…