Any points as to why I sometime get a blank screen?

I’ve had a 4k+ in use will very little incidient for a number years. I’ve just swapped to a new TV with a soundbar (Sony XR42 and Sonos Beam), from a Samsung 43" QLED. I’d never used CEC in this setup and controled everything via IR. I’ve always kept the CEC input/addon/thngy disable on the Vero.

With the new setup however I’ve had to turn on CEC on the new TV in order to control the soundbar.

The proplem, which may or may not be realted to CEC, is sometimes after the TV has been on standby and I wake it using the IR remote, when switching to the HDMI input for the vero I get a blank screen with “no input signal” message. This happens just once or twice a week.

Switching input on the TV makes no difference, and netiher does putting the tv into standby and back on again.

The Vero is still live however as I can SSH into it and reboout it to restore normal operation. CEC is still off on the Vero, and I’m still using IR to control the Vero.

To try and speed up the propblem solving process, does anyone have any idea what might be going on please?

If you can SSH in to the device, I’d suggest uploading some logs so we can see what’s going on.

I’ve seen this before on my LG OLED and usually just pressing a button on the Vero remote wakes everything up, I usually try the up and down buttons.
If that doesn’t work switching the HDMI inputs doesn’t fix it but switching the input to antenna or an app then back to the HDMI the Vero is on can fix it.
Your TV probably forces you to have CEC on in order to do ARC or eARC to your sound bar.
Changing to a non-HDMI input usually forces your TV to change how it handles the audio, is it receiving audio or outputting it over ARC, and this can fix that annoying CEC snag.
This issue usually happens after my boys have been using my setup to play video games or something.

All of this can be remedies with a CEC-less HDMI cable or adapter too.

Turn everything off at the mains for 10 mins or so and it usually solves things