Any tips for optimum image quality with 3D blu ray rips on a Raspberry Pi 3B+?

As subject line, really.

What prompted this question is that there’s a mention in the list of changes for Kodi v18 of improved image quality for MVC 3D in MMAL. I’m not clear if that means that MMAL in Leia will now look better than OMXPlayer, or if it means that OMXPlayer in Krypton already looked better than MMAL and the new release simply brings MMAL in line with it.

But in general, if we suppose that a Raspberry Pi 3B+ is running OSMC, and that it is to be used to play pure-remux 3D blu ray rips and nothing else, are there any tweaks or settings to make the picture quality optimal? And do you recommend Krypton or Leia?


Can someone at least tell me if, on a Pi 3B+ running OSMC playing 3D, there are any image quality improvements in Leia vs the quality in Krypton? And (for either) if there is any difference in quality between OMXPlayer and MMAL for 3D video?

There are not any changes in terms of picture quality.