Any update on the Pi4?

To be fair, I was thinking future proofing a little by buying the 8Gb as I thought for the small difference in cost between 8Gb and 4Gb it seemed silly not to. I’m intending to build a media centre which will have a lot of drives etc. and also be a home file server. I would also like to do some retro gaming of old Sega Genesis, Gameboy etc.

How much RAM and GPU does OSMC typically like? I thought it would probably want a fair amount for buffering, particularly with the pain in the backside codecs YouTube etc. use.

Presumably the 32Bit version can also be compiled for the Pi4, but will just use 4Gb RAM?

We won’t release a 32-bit version for Pi4 if the 64-bit kernel works well.

You need less than 512MB RAM for typical operation. Retro games push that up a bit, but everything works comfortably on a 1GB Pi3.

just a gentle bump about the status of osmc RP4 version and to postulate my self for some testing since I just got a RP4.

big kudos sam!!



where it can be follow? busters i mean

We need more feedback.


[quote="[TESTING] Debian 10 Buster, post:1, topic:86957"]
Debian 10 (Buster)

OK, where can we find Debian 10 (Buster) release for testing. Soon I’ll get 8GB version of Rpi4 and I would love to test it.

There is no RPi4 testing version available yet. And Buster is already in stable branch.

Discussions in the Raspian and LibreELEC space on watching VC1-encoded content on the Raspberry Pi 4, say that playback will not be as smooth as on RPi 1–3 until a new multicore software decoder is made available, and that hasn’t happened yet (at least not as of last spring). When OSMC ships its Raspberry Pi 4 version, will smooth VC1 playback be available right away, or will this only come at some undetermined time in the future?



I don’t think FFMPEG are keen on ever introducing a multi-threaded decoder for VC1 for legal reasons.

Can we have an estimated date of PI4 release please ? Latest prerequisite is done (Buster release), a lot of users wait for it (see post views).
Thank you !

No, but it is being actively worked on and when it is ready for testing it will be announced.

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thx for the update, i got a Rpi4 waiting for it, I could participate for testing if needed (but i’m not linux expert), cheers

We will release with with Kodi v19.

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I tried my sd with rpi3 image in the rpi4 for testing. Rpi4 doest boot.

I understand i have to wait a arm64 for full acceleration in kodi, but I think software acceleration is enough for me.

it should boot? I have to configure something?

Thank for your job!

No - the Pi 4 installation will be a separate image.

Thanks for answering!

I’ll wait then, I can test rpi4 image if you needed (Im linux user).

I have a question… if i buy a Pi4 Today (i see a valid offert on amazon for a kit 4GB and about 90€) i can install somethings like a beta image ?

No - you would need to compile it from source.
First public release will come with v19.