Any update on the Pi4?

Mate it’s a well documented issue, mentioned in this thread, and a known issue to LibreElec devs…it’ll get fixed eventually.
I was just pointing out that it’s present here too.

Originally it was really bad, but popcornmix made it a damn sight better with some firmware fix a while back…its only slight now, but its noticeable…not a big deal.

One thing I will say is on the Pi4 kodi is nice and snappy through the menus and the gui…really looking forward to what Sam can do with OSMC on it.

And if you want to wait a year, that’s great. But something is better than nothing at all.

Not if it can’t play 1080i content it’s not.

Then don’t use it. I don’t see why you’re making such a big deal out of it. I had to hunt for something to get my pi 4 working at all since I had to replace a dead pi 3. It works for me. I figured others might find it helpful too. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. I can tell you I won’t ever post here again. Goodbye.

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Lol im not making a big deal out of it mate.
Just pointing out an issue with it.
No need to get all upset and storm off in a huff… talk about sensitive.

If you don’t use 1080i content then it works fine, I have no problem in saying that.

Thanks for the link. I read through most of the thread and it looks pretty promising. I’m curious if there is an advantage you’ve found for Kodi use with Raspbian vs LibreElec. In that thread it was stated that hardware decoding support between the two should currently be the same. Was the reason you went this route just to be able to run other software or did you find some Kodi specific reason to do so?

While I’m also excited about the RPi4, I highly suggest the Vero 4k+ while you wait :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’m going to try to highlight what is said here (rather than starting a new thread). I’m sort of a half-noobie so please keep it simple.

  1. OSMC does not currently support Raspberry Pi 4 B.
    A) This is due to some fundamental HW or SW issue/changes in Pi or Kodi (I think Kodi which RPi is addressing).
  2. Due to these changes it could be up to a year (from Sam) before official OSMC RPi4B support.
  3. It is possible to get Kodi running Raspbian on the RPi4B (forum link in the thread).

The takeaway seems to be the Raspbian/Kodi solution for the interim. Once available I’ll move over to OSMC since it’s a truly outstanding product/distribution.

Is this an accurate summary? TIA

  1. Lack of full driver support for the new hardware in the RPi 4. The previous RPi’s were very similar to each other so they did not suffer this issue.

  2. At least a year to get to Kodi v19 and a OSMC that runs on the RPi 4 with proper hardware decoding and working HDR.

  3. Yes, you can currently run LibreElec and Kodi in Raspbian on a RPi 4. I have them both installed in a dual boot. 4k works, HDR does not, performance is good, screen tearing in the UI is pretty bad. I’m finding using my RPi 3b+ still preferable as my daily driver (connected to the same TV and database).

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Thats how I get it from Sam. I moved away from OSMC to Raspian which works fine with standard HD. (I wonder why OSMC can not even provide this minimum standard?)
I will look back to OSMC in 2021 when, maybe, there is support for the 2019 Pi4 model…
Good bye and thanks for the fish :wink:

OSMC will be supported well before 2021. I don’t think you have read the blog post properly.

HD audio, HDR etc won’t happen for some time. This is not an issue exclusive to OSMC.

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Just curious… Does this help? Raspberry Pi 4 graphics win: Open-source Vulkan driver support is coming | ZDNet

No – we don’t need Vulkan for Kodi.

Ah ok… thanks anyways; OSMC is awesome! Cant wait to take it for a spin on my pi4

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Any chance this will work on the new raspberry pi 4? I’m trying to dual boot lakka with a media center os. I dont really want to install kadish ontop os something like LibreElec

Moved your post here as topic was already discussed. Answer is currently not!

Ahh cr**p. I didnt see this post, I would of just sent a happy msg and wait for a release…if you do need someone to test, I’ll happily dual boot it with my lakka, as a side note or question…rasbian or LibreElec? Which will perform better?

I used noobs to install them both as a dual boot. I have them both attached to the same MySQL database as my OSMC boxes so I think i’m seeing a fairly even test between the systems. I noticed zero difference between Rasbian and LibreElec when I last compared them.

Ok, thank you very much!

The ethernet of my trusty Pi2 seems to have gone kaput and I was planning to just upgrade to the latest Pi model, but this thread has given me some pause. For someone who uses a Pi/Osmc combo for nothing more elaborate than airplaying music and x264 video playback, am I better off buying a Pi3?