Any Way of Correcting Programme Details? - Impossible Engineering

I’ve downloaded most of the Impossible Engineering series to watch, but from Season 3 onwards, the episodes are not being listed properly. This is what I have for them:

For season 3, I have 11 of the 19 episodes, but only three show up after I do an update.
For season 4, I have the 6 episodes, but the descriptions are showing up as the first six of season 3.
For season 5, I have 9 of the 10 episodes, but the descriptions are the ones for season 4.

All the episodes are stored in a folder called ‘Impossible Engineering’, with season subfolders, and each episode is named appropriately. e.g. ‘Impossible Engineering S03E05’

Is there any way to fix these?

What or these look like on TheTVDB or whatever scraper you are using?

The information all comes from the scraper so if the scraper has the wrong info then you’ll be delivered the wrong info. I’ve had a quick look and the number of episodes listed for each season doesn’t line up with what you’ve described, sometimes seasons and episodes don’t 100% line up in different territories so you may just have to manually rename your episodes to match the scraper (this is the way i’d do it at least).

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Use a tool like filebot ( to correct the names of the episodes.
Since filebot went commercial, you can also rename the files manually as describe in
Then the scrappers will find them.

Note - I have noticed sometimes that the sources for the informations are sometimes not available. In that case, you have only partial detection/addition of entries into the DB.
Usually running scrapping a day later fixes the issue.

Thanks jb2cool. I wasn’t even aware of what scraper I was using, as I’ve done very little changes to the setup. I checked out the TVDB website and noticed there are two ‘Impossible Engineering’, and since I’m in the UK, it’s picking up the UK version details.

Since the programmes I have are not the UK ones, apart from changing the regional settings to the US to pick them up correctly, which may have other effects, is there a way to fool the scraper into picking up the non-UK one?

I’ve never experienced issues with any other programme, so if it comes to it, I’ll just resort to moving them to my laptop and watching them on that. - Thanks for the link Smurphy, but since this is a one-off, I may skip it.

One is called “Impossible Engineering” the other “Impossible Engineering (UK)” so just make sure your folders/files are named correctly.
This has nothing to do with the regional seetings

Cheers, but mine is named “Impossible Engineering”. I wasn’t even aware of there being a ‘UK’ version. I’m going to create an empty folder called ‘Impossible Engineering (UK)’ to see if I can fool it into updating the ‘Impossible Engineering’ with the proper details.

Sometimes getting the scrapers to grab what you expect can be difficult. I can offer three options:

  1. Change the scraper. Go to the folder properties (where you set content) and there is an option to choose the scraper. Sometimes XEM works better than TVDB when settling these kinds of discrepancies.

  2. If you go the TV listings, select the show, then select the “Information” option (exactly how depends on the skin and how you control things) you’ll get the information screen that displays plot, etc. At the bottom should be buttons for ‘Browse’, ‘Cast’, etc. - Select ‘Refresh’. You should get a warning that says you have local data, do you want to refresh from internet? If you say yes you should then get a listing of the various options for the show (‘Impossible Engineering’, ‘Impossible Engineering (UK)’, etc. Select the proper one and it should re-scan and get you the correct info.

  3. Do option 2 manually. Go to Search for the show. In the list find the correct show and grab the ‘ID’. In your case Impossible Engineering = 294492 (UK version = 359905). Check the details in the TVDB to make sure you’ve grabbed the correct show. In your folder ‘Impossible Engineering’ create a text file named ‘tvshow.nfo’. Put one line in the file that is a link to the correct TVDB show Save the file. Then remove from library, rescan, the presence of the tvshow.nfo file will force the scraper to the correct link.

Note, you should be able to use the link ‘Impossible Engineering -’ which is what the ID link above will resolve to, however, in my experience the scraper doesn’t work well with the plain-text link and does work with the ID-tagged link)

Note 2, the final ‘&lid=7’ in the link sets the language to English. The site should default to your browser, but again, I find being explicit helpful. Don’t know the other language IDs, but should be able to find them.

Absolute genius DSAnduril. I decided to leave the scraper option alone, and tried option 2 first. Didn’t like it, as it still picked up the UK version. Finally went with option 3, and after removing the existing details from the library, I had to rename the files as the series part ‘Sxx’ was wrong for Series 4-6. I also used the option to ‘clean the library’ before scanning again.

I didn’t know about TVDB website, and tended to use IMDB to get series details. Something learned every day. Many thanks.