Any way to add videos directly to the SD card?

So I run linux so I can mount the EXT4 partition that OSMC creates and need to know where to put the video so I can find it under the ‘Movies’ menu? Is this possible? When I first tried OSMC I did with a large SD card but I couldn’t get it to recognise the other partition on the SD card. It looks like OSMC uses it now automatically but how to I put files on the SD card? In the past I just had a USB drive but now I have 128GB SD card, plenty for my kids cartoons/videos, no need for an external drive.

Is this possible? I always find kodi archaic and hoped that OSMC, although based on kodi, would be easier to use.

You can point Kodi to movies in any location, even multiple locations.

can you do that through the OSMC interface? if not can you point me to a webpage/video on how to do it?

Basically I don’t want to use external storage for my kids shows, I want to be able to take just the small pi box with us on vacation or maybe even let them take it to their friends/families homes and have it all self contained.

You mean the Kodi interface. OSMC is a linux distribution. Kodi is the media center application included with OSMC.

Anyhow, in Kodi, under Settings -> Sources you add the directory that you wish to use.

There are several ways to copy files, it depends on you comfort level with linux as to the best method. Probably the easiest way would be to FTP the files over.

Hmm, ok, I’ll try it tomorrow. I think I tried this before and can’t figure out how to get the file structure to select the folder.

Basically I put the video files in /Home/osmc/videos. I think when I tried to add a source it wanted a ip address or web address, I couldn’t ad directories on the SD card OSMC was installed on.

Also, I thought OSMC was just a reskin of kodi. I tried kodi and my kids couldn’t figure it out so I used OSMC and although they are too young to read they could still memorize how to navigate to the external HD on OSMC and play their shows.

One of the source choices will be File System. From there you can navigate to /home/osmc

I see where you are confusing OSMC/Kodi. The default Kodi skin is the OSMC skin with the OSMC distribution.

I just checked and can’t see any File System option. Could you explain how to get to it from the start menu?

I’m making a youtube video of this when I find out. Oh crap, I can’t because no capture card and I’d need to capture my pi to do it, crap.

Settings -> Media -> Library -> Videos -> Add videos…


Click Left arrow and then OK to select Browse

You will then see all the various options, one of those being Home folder

this is in the OSMC skin?


Oh wait, I got it. There are a few ways to get there but I was messing up on the screen that had Browse as an option. It isn’t always clear on my TV what is selected as on my TV that I have for my kids the bold letters don’t show up as well.

Thanks a lot, this will save me needing to trust my kids with an external hardrive, less for them to loose/brake.