Any Way To Bulk Change Film & TV Show Properties?

I was just browsing through a list of films by a specific year and noticed that there are almost half that I’ve watched, but aren’t showing as such (I have ‘Hide Watched’ enabled). My Raspberry Pi runs 24/7 and there have been several times when the power has gone off, and I was wondering if this is why they don’t show as being watched.

Whatever the reason, is there a way that I can go in and edit the properties for a bunch of films to indicate they have been watched, rather than using the remote and bringing up the properties of each film and then selecting ‘Mark as watched’?

Almost forgot. I’d ideally like to do this by accessing the Pi from my Windows laptop.

Plug a keyboard into your Pi. Use the arrow keys to move up and down the list and press “w” to toggle the watched status.


Many thanks for this solution. Sorry for the delay in responding.

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