Any way to change Kodi view type?

Using the osmc skin, I have some videos where the top level of the source is really a folder list, it’s my genre. That presents itself as a list view, and only a list view. i’d greatly prefer it to be a Wall view, but no way to change it like I can folders with actual content in them.

Is there any way to change the view type for a folder list?

Sorry to say, but that’s currently not possible. Any views except list are limited to content that actually provides information to populate the secondary line below each title as well as a plot/info text and cover art. For content like genres or non-scraped videos, this is not the case and thus we only offer the view which makes sense here design-wise :+1:t2:

Ok thanks, switched to Aeon Nox Silvo so it can display other views. They allow list, icon, and something else I forget as I use icon view.

Many skins do allow that, but then show views that aren’t populated with any information that they’re made for… It’s a decision every skinner is faced with. It’s good there are options so that users can choose which way they like a skin to behave :+1:t2:

The OSMC skin defaults to a List view, and most folders will use this view. If you’re looking to have a Wall view for your genre folders, you might need to look into whether the content type of your addons is set correctly. Solidworks 2023 for advanced engineering. Addons should set the content type to ‘videos’ when presenting a list of videos, which allows the skin to apply the correct view type

But that content type should only be applied for views where there are actually videos listed… Genres e.g. should trigger a different content type.