Any way to control OSMC on Raspberry with iPhone over BT?

So my wife just got to the cottage with our Raspberry pi and realized the remote usb dongle is not in it (yes it was my fault). So now she is stuck up there with no way to catch up on The Bachelorette and telling me to find a way to make it work or else. Is there any way she can download an app on her iPhone and get it to control OSMC over Bluetooth? No wifi up there. Or any ideas to save my butt?


Tether a network in My OSMC -> Network
Connect iPhone to this network

(Assuming something like Yatse can be downloaded on iPhone)

Or the otherway around:
Use your iphone as a mobile hotspot, just to get a wifi network for the Pi and the phone to connect to each other.
Then download Official Kodi Remote for iOS and that should be it.

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Either will work, yes.

Hmm but will either of those methods allow me to control the pi without first being able to control the pi and to change those settings? Lol
Like if I get her to setup a WiFi hotspot, would I need to control the pi to get it to connect to that network?

Well valid point. Actually question is, is the Pi currently connected to any LAN?

No, it’s currently at a very LAN-less cottage

Than I am sorry to tell but you are doomed.

Indeed. Even without the Internet you could use Kodi’s built in web server but you’d need to have a way of connecting the two devices.

For a while, I’ve thought that creating a WiFi hotspot when there is no active connection may be a good idea, but there are security implications.

I thank you all for your help…it seems I will have to face the music and take it like a man… farewell :pensive:

Is the screen connected via HDMI?
If yes then is there a chance that it has CEC functionality and there is a remote for it lying around somewhere?

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That would be a very helpful option. I have seen tutorials for for doing this with hostapd, but not with connman.

There’s no tutorial because tethering can be enabled under My OSMC

Yup, but I mean the auto hotspot when no known network or lan is available.

get the IR remote from the OSMC store and profit :slight_smile:

thats a realistic goal :smiley: