Any way to free up storage space manually?

I seem to be in a bit of a quandry…

My OSMC Kodi installtion will not boot. I noticed storage was 95% usage and was trying to open the tools to free up some space but it was so slow to respond, I gave up and restarted, now it wont boot at all.

Odd: When I put the SD card in a windows 7 machine, it shows 215mb free of 239mb? I did a format with sd formatter and it showed 8gb, burned the image back and it says like the above.

Im not really sure how to proceed, I dont have a bigger card to use, or I would. Im hoping there would be some way to browse the files and delete the temp cache type files while in the windows machine, but cannot find the folder structure like I would see if I were in Kodi.

There are two partitions by default: /boot and /. It is likely / that is filling up. It may be a bad addon that is filling your disk.


You could run the following two commands via SSH or local console (hold CTRL after the splash screen for the latter)

sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get autoremove

You could check free disk space before and after using

df -h

Thanks very much folks.