Any way to get vi?

I know that this has been asked a few times, but I don’t remember seeing an answer…at least not one that I like :slight_smile:

Every time I need to edit a file and I use nano, I keep finding myself trying to use the vi commands. :frowning:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vi

I get an error “unable to locate package vi”

I was able to install vim (never used it before) via apt-get and it seems to work fine.

Indeed, I believe ‘vim’ (VI Improved) is the package you want for Debian

have a strange issue,
running Alpha 4, on a brand new raspberry pi 2, just installed osmc to a class 10 microsd card, and i want to install vi/vim since i am used to those editors. so i proceded to follow sams advice, and sudo apt-get update, but every single time i run this the pi shuts down and there is no log becasue it freeezes and crashes.
any idea what to do?

Read this thread.

just use nano in the mean time.

I believe the debs on osmc by default are osmc specific.

For the time being, you might try editing your sources.list file to point to debian repos, commenting out the osmc specific ones.

There’s been some chatter about the osmc repos being a bit of a stumbling block these last few days as Sam and company are putting the final pieces in place for the upcoming RC.

I too prefer vi and had no trouble installing it on my pi2 with osmc Alpha 4 about a week ago and don’t recall having to touch sources.list at that time, I would expect that to be the case again once all of the repo staging is in place and the RC is made available to end users.

BusyBox implementation of vi will ship in osmc by default