Any way to get WLU6331 wifi dongle support on OSMC + Pi2?

If only you left for good after the third time you said you were leaving for good.

Wow, this exploded :frowning:

Can I just say that I’ve been following Sam’s work for years and considering he (and the rest of the team) does all this for free he’s more than entitled to a holiday? Nobody has a right to demand work from a team they aren’t paying.

I’m happy to wait for a fix. I know paid for products that don’t even offer a fix at all in situations like this.

Thanks again Sam & team.

Dear Mr Williamson,

OK, I’ve tried to be nice here. If you cannot afford me, or my team the same respect I offered upon to you then I cannot do the same.

I still do not see a PR to fix what is apparently so simple. I’ve seen your blog post and you’re shipping pre-built modules. You should know that’s a bad idea.

  • Future kernels will reject these modules.
  • Your post expects people to pass a HTTP (unencrypted) URL’s contents to a shell interpreter which is a severe security risk.
  • Your current post is a violation of the General Public License. You say you have contributed to 5 open source projects. I would at least expect you to be familiar with how to appropriately comply with this license.

Are we perhaps trying to find something, anything, to add something of value to your brand new blog?

The fact that you did not even acknowledge my previous post implies to me that you have no real intention of contributing, but you want to try and prove a point.

I’m glad things work for you just fine – but you clearly lack insight in to why enabling these modules may cause issues for the large userbase we have.

As OSMC is simply a ‘few tiny tweaks’ on top of a solid distro, I have now blocked you from the OSMC Update and Download servers. No need to use our distro afterall!

You are not fit to lead a team of 18 engineers, when you lack the self discipline to control your own behaviour.


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If you are having the problem described in this ticket I have provided a resolution here:

If you prefer to wait for an official solution - the choice is yours.

I am locking.