Any way to persist HDMI edid data?

I wonder if the ALSA dummy (/proc/asound) is faked based on current EDID data. It would seem odd though.

I just can’t get those error messages, even when HDMI is unplugged. I can only suggest you back up your Kodi settings and reinstall OSMC.

I just re-installed my vero4k with latest October image - all working fine now, video and audio! Thanks for providing a fix for HDMI EDID issue that fast!

Sorry for waking up an old thread, but is this cp command still the recommended way to persist EDID information if the Vero reboots without the AVR/TV powered on?


For now – yes.

Wow, thanks for quick reply and confirmation.

Can I persist anything else, like disp_cap_3d or even the whole folder /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0 ?

Can you describe the issues you are experiencing? I couldn’t find an active support request.

It’s hard to advise without actually knowing your issue first.

I am having issues with display properties not reporting correctly when checking via Linux cli when AVR has been powered off, BUT, I notice that this seems to be dynamic and if you power on the AVR/TV then Vero on-the-fly seems to pickup EDID information - I thought it only picked up EDID at boot but it appears not, which is good :slight_smile:

The EDID is parsed on every HPD event.