Any way to run fsck (ntfs) on boot?

I have a local NTFS drive connected to the Vero4K. Despite being careful with always powering down the Vero before pulling the power (I keep everything on a breaker, I tolerate no standby), this filesystem ends up “corrupted” (error flags, as if it has been dismounted uncleanly) on a weekly basis.

I notice it has happened when the Vero boots and spin the drive to update my library, but makes no progress other than impotently seeking (I hear the drive head click) over and over again.

When this happens I shut the vero off, move drive to my PC, run Windows built in Check Filesystem which simply resets the flags (eg. no actual repair needed!) and then I move it back to Vero and everything is fine for a couple of day.

I’d like to cut out the hassle, and just let the Vero fsck and repair the file system itself. Can this be done?


There’s a whole bunch of NTFS-related files in the ntfs-3g package, which should already be installed. Run ls /bin/ntfs* to see some of them.

I can’t say I’ve ever used it but I believe ntfsfix is the chkdsk equivalent in the ntfs-3g package, though it’ll have more limited capability compared to the Microsoft product.

Thanks! How can I make it run on boot?

Have you checked your drive with smartmon? I assume you either have a drive failure or a power problem.
Also if you use the drive always with the Vero4K I suggest to change Format to ext4