Anynet+ fails to connect to OSMC

Bought Pi2 kit, installed OSMC, configured network and all is peachy, except for remote control.

  1. Pi2 and cable are OK; the living room TV, a Sony Bravia, has no trouble controlling OSMC via BraviaSync.
  2. The SamsungTV has Anynet+ enabled, and when I do the configuration, it correctly detects “Kodi” device.

However, when I attempt to connect, it fails to do so. The TV displays a message box with text “Anynet+ device is not connected. Please check connection and retry.”

I’ve ssh’d to the pi, looking for some logs to help me debug the issue, but I can’t see anything useful. Found a kodi.log, but nothing is written to it when I attempt the connection.

Any ideas?

most old TV have problems with CEC, i have an samsung(anynet+) tv thats 6-7 year old, it supports CEC but does not work very well, so i don’t use it… i have a only 4 years old samsung in the livingroom where it works 99% og the time… so i just think its your TV that have not implemented CEC well or half baked.

you can try to update the software in your TV, or change HDMI cable.


The Samsung TV is newer than the Bravia. It has all the latest updates.

I found the problem after fiddling with the cables and (eventually) reading the TV manual.
The biggest clue came after I plugged the Pi2 into one of TVs USBs.

Prior to this change, both the satellite box (HDMI1) and the Pi2 (HDMI2) were powered separately, which means they were both “ON” at the time the TV was started. So, the TV would automatically pick HDMI1, and I would have to use the remote to switch to HDMI2, if I wanted to see the OSMC. This is how I wanted it, as the TV primarily shows the satellite TV.

After powering the Pi2 from the TV, I noticed a different startup sequence. The TV would initially show the satellite, but then switch to HDMI2, as the Pi2 was starting up. And here I had my clue of what was wrong: the first time it switched, the TV would say HDMI2-CEC, while the Pi2 boots up.But when Kodi shows up, the TV switches to HDMI2, and no amount of fiddling would bring back HDMI2-CEC.

At this point I went back to the TV manual, and there are two sentences here that may explain what’s wrong:

Check if the device is an Anynet+ device. The Anynet+ system supports Anynet+ 
Only one external device may be connected to Receiver.

After unplugging the satellite receiver cable, the TV picks up the Pi2 as HDMI2-CEC and stays so, and I can instantly control Kodi with the remote. This is fantastic, but it doesn’t help me much, as I really really need the satellite box there.

Anyway, back to the drawing board…

Not really. Just buy something like this:

Plug it in line with your satellite box, problem solved.

This is quite a common problem with cable/satellite set top boxes and has been discussed a few times before on the forum.

BTW, CEC does support multiple CEC using devices on the same TV contrary to what your Samsung manual says, however they all have to be well behaved devices. It only takes one badly behaving device to kill CEC for all other connected devices as they all share the same physical data line on pin 13.

I hope you only did this for testing as it is not a good idea to power the PI from the TV