Anyone else have issues lately with torrenting with recent updates?

Is anyone else having issues with their torrent client lately, namely Transmission?

This might be too specific to my set-up but I wanted to check in. I use Transmission and have Samba server installed with my OSMC. Other than that, no other custom set-up/changes from the regular package. I had a power outage which crapped out the SD card install so I had to restore from an image I made back in March. Now that I run the update, there are a ton of packages wanting to update. The problem is, if I go ahead with all the updates, Transmission starts acting up. It behaves as if it’s overloading the Pi, although it’s hardly using up more than 10% of system resources. The web interface will stop responding at times, then barely download at a few kbs. and during this time access to the shared drive via Samba is sluggish. It’s hard to pinpoint which package/update is causing this issue, during the last few days prior to the crash, there were package updates related to the wifi firmware and Samba server.
Right now I am running the image as is from back in March with all the outdated packages and everything is running great.

Anyone else encountering issues? Trying to figure out what my next steps are. I’ve already tried to reinstall Transmission to no avail. I may buy a second SD card and do some testing. Maybe I will just make a list of the packages related to Samba and wifi and exclude them.

Have you tried a different torrent client? I’ve used transmission in the beginning to, but switched to deluge (dont remember why).

I tried deluge, but the only decent guide I’ve come across on this board and I’ve followed, led to a segmentation fault. So I gave up on it for now. I’m still wanting to give it a try but I seem to have no luck.
I basically run apt-get install deluge, it grabs it plus the dependencies.
Then I try to run it by typing deluge, and get a bunch of errors which culminate in a segmentation fault. Again, this was on an up to date OSMC install, with nothing special altered. I chalked it up to “this stuff is still under development”.

Thats strange… Installed deluge at least twice on OSMC and never had any problems…

I will give it another try on this image as is, without the updates on it. It still frustrates me to be investing this kind of time troubleshooting rather than moving forward. Either way I think I will simply avoid updating it altogether until a later time. I’m kind of OCD when it comes to running up to date code, so I will have to overcome that tendency. The fact is at the end of the day my OSMC box JUST WORKS and that’s all that matters.

One more thing is I would suggest you make sure you have an adequate power supply and micro usb cable and I am assuming you are using a good quality SD card.

Hey! Did you manage do get this fix? I just installed OSMC and Transmission on my Rpi2, and it just locks up and is not usable - the web interface fails to respond, download speeds almost stalls, ssh is unresponsive, etc. I am trying to understand whether this is an OSMC issue or a raspberry pi issue.


Yes, this has been resolved. I’ve performed a clean install of the latest version of OSMC and it works like a dream. Once in a blue moon I run into the problem you describe. Very very rarely. I think what happens is the system maxes out. I dont use encryption (I have it set on allow, not require encryption) nor do I use peer block list. Max peers per torrent is 50 and overal is 200. Try to duplicate these settings first and see if it helps. If it doesn’t, try capping the speeds to 2mbps and go from there.