Anyone ever had a USB dongle only work with USB extension cable?

I’ve had on and off problems with the usb dongle for my remote not receiving correctly from the remote ever since I started using it with the Pi. I always thought it was because I wasn’t using an adequate power supply.

I connected the dongle to a USB extension cable (not a hub) to make it easier to get to and all the sudden it works perfectly.

Anyone have any theories?

The PI is unshielded and it’s actually quite common to see wireless dongles work better on a usb extension cable.

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Good to know. I’d never heard of anyone else having problems. With the remote being so old I was starting to think it was just dying.

Early in the history of the Pi, there was a flap about its radiation and there are threads (elsewhere) about the investigations and possible use of extra shielding. It does radiate, but does pass the requisite tests.
I find that an unshielded Pi, working near a DAB radio, can stop it receiving, as can a tablet.
I found, in other contexts, that putting the dongle on an extension will get a setup to work.

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