Anyone getting BBC World Cup UHD streams?

Have tried finding a UHD stream for the World Cup via the iPlayer add on (I’m in the UK), but no joy. Anyone been able to get this to work?

I doubt it, see here:

Yeah, the add-on can only access streams that are available through the iPlayer website, which means you can only access 720p stuff. You need an iPlayer app for UHD: it works on my old Roku Streaming Stick+, and on my Amazon TV Stick 4K Max, and on many smart TVs. You used to be able to play the UHD demo loop via the Kodi add-on, but even that hasn’t worked for quite a while.

thanks both. So my memory wasn’t deceiving me in thinking that at some point I’d seen UHD content via the add-on. The app in my Panny TV plays the UHD feed, but I can’t see a way to pull up any indication of whether HLG is enabled.

I don’t think there is on Pannies. My Philips does flash up ‘HDR’ when you start a supposedly UHD stream. It’s also not clear whether you get HLG on any device if your internet is not good enough for 4k streaming.

Most modern TVs have several different presets for viewing settings - which may have names like “Expert (Bright Room)”, “Cinema”, “Vivid”, etc. You may find that the presets for HDR material have different names from the ones used for SDR. If so, switching between presets and seeing what’s available would tell you if you’re in HDR mode or not. (No guarantee Panasonic does this, but many manufacturers do).

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If you click the info button on the TV remote you should get a info popup with resolution, HDR info and sound info.
But it varies by App e.g. Netflix shows it in different format

Old LG (2017) or so shows HLG when I’m watching World Cup streams via iPlayer.

On more recent hardware I don’t see it but can verify it with an HDFury Vertex.


For external inputs the info button on the TV remote pulls up the resolution, frame rate and HDR mode (all the standard types are supported). But when using an app, the info reported is either very minimal or in the case of iPlayer, nothing at all. I’ll check the Picture mode for clues next time I play a UHD stream.

Indeed. @fzinken has a Panasonic but not iPlayer.

True the outcome of the “i” button depends on the App. But at least on the Netflix App the TV shows when switching e.g. “Dolby Vision” in a popup