Anyone Have This Problem w/ Win32DiskImager?

I just updated my OSMC to the latest version and added a new add-on (USTVNOW) and wanted to create a new image and burn it to my backup SD card.

However, my PC told me I needed to format the SD card before it could read it as soon as I plugged in my SD/USB adapter in. Naturally I didn’t do that, and fired up Win32DiskImager.

When I tried to create the image I get this error:

“An error occurred when attempting to read data from handle. Error 21: The device is not ready.”

And then Win32DiskImager crashes.

Anyone have any advice or can possibly point me to a newer free app that can handle this? Thanks

Probably antivirus or some other program locking the device.

try USBit. It will work for sdcards as well.

I just disabled AVG Free and it’s creating the image right now. Thanks!

Recently I had to temporarily disable it to run Dragon Age: Inquisition as well. It would be nice if it told me it was blocking these things from running.

Thank You! While I managed to get this working, I will definitely grab this as an alternative solution.