Anyone tried Alexa Voice Service on OSMC?

Has anyone tried this on Raspberry Pi OSMC ?

Raspberry Pi + Alexa Voice Service :

interested in this, as well.

why?? yatse got voice commands already…

If it works on Raspbian, it should work on OSMC.

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has successfully used Amazon Alexia on OSMC. I am looking into using my TV with a raspberry pi 3 (with a hard drive) and OSMC to record and watch TV shows. I was hoping I could also use Alexia to give my creation some “personality”.


I confirm that this can work with OSMC.
I have been able to install and configure everything using SSH tunnelling instead of VNC.
It is all set, but I am not able get audio from Alexa, probably due to a problem in configuring the microphone to work with my IQaudio DAC.

EDIT: I did not mean to hijack this topic, but if you want to try voice commands with Kodi, I highly recommend to try Yatse first before spending time on the Amazon/Alexa solution:

Yatse Voice Commands works great. No need to add anything to OSMC or Kodi… No addon required:

More info about Yatse and also its voice commands:

All available voice commands:

The actual app:

I’m interested in getting Alexa to run on my OSMC; almost have it working following these steps:

There were hurdles to getting the components to compile, I can add more details on what I did if there is interest.

Stopped where it is supposed to get auth; probably because I SSH’d in:
No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it.

I set up to VNC in to the box and was able to get to the OSMC UI but that didn’t resolve the X11 issue. Probably need to be able to open up a terminal window from the VNC session / OSMC UI somehow.

Objective is to run both an Alexa Voice service and OSMC on the same box to reduce clutter; if I can get Alexa to control Kodi that would be a bonus but not necessary.

X11 is not installed by default in osmc.
Be careful and prepare to mess up your system when trying to install everything that comes with a desktop environment.

I believe the user has also posted here:

You can install X11, but we can’t guarantee compatibility with OSMC updates if you do this. Why not install it and see how you get on?

Hi, I managed to get this (GitHub - alexa-pi/AlexaPi: Alexa client for all your devices! # No active development. PRs welcome # consider instead) working on a fresh install of OSMC last night. All I have tested so far is saying “alexa”, to which she says “yes”, and I say, “tell me a joke”. But it works. Getting the audio to work was the only challenge. I am using a usb webcam mic, so had to point the alexapi config (/etc/opt/AlexaPi/config.yaml) to that device. Other audio settings were left alone so that i still had hdmi sound output. out of interest can i specify one audio device for output and another for input, e.g. usb input and hdmi output. better still, i don’t really want alexa on my hdmi connection, i’d rather use the 3.5mm jack on the pi for alexa and have everything else go to the hdmi connection. So can we split audio output across devices based on application?

The AlexaPi causes my Raspberry Pi to freeze/crash whenever it runs, only occasionally will it work for some reason. I did get the audio to work through my USB audio device, but it crashes kinda quickly.

Do you have a quality power supply that provides enough power for your setup?

I have the recommended 5V/2.4A from my store, so I believe it should hold up. When I start Alexa the script runs to the token retrieval then freezes.

If anyone is still trying this. I have got it to work using the sdk however I am unable to get both kodi and alexa to play audio. They seem to be fighting over control over alsa. I’ve tried with pulse as well but I am stuck :frowning: