Anyone tried to get incoming call notification?

Hey all,

I use a SIP-based solution at home for my phone calls (tried a few and been loving, but I’d love to have a SIP client on my Vero 2 to pop up details on any incoming calls.

There are a few relevant Kodi addons that exist, although the only one currently supported for Kodi v17 seems to be MCUPhone, which doesn’t support the Vero architecture. Shame, since it looks to be exactly what I’m looking for and installed nicely.

I’m wondering if anyone else has had a shot at this… I’m wondering in particular if you could install an Asterisk client ( that would be able to successfully push notifications on screen.

I’m tempted to give it a shot, but I thought I’d try the collective wisdom here in case it can save me some time.

You can do this from anywhere on your network by issuing an xbmc-send command with the appropriate function.

So you should be able to trigger actions directly from your Asterisk server.

A full list of available commands can be found here:

A sample command may be:

xbmc-send --host=IP.OF.OSMC.BOX --port=9777 --action="Notification(header,message[,time,image])"