Anyone Try Hauppage WinTV 955Q?

I have had WinTV-HVR 955Q laying around for a while. I once tried to use it with OSMC (around 6 months ago). No go.

I see OSMC is now at Linux 4.3 vintage kernel and thought there might be progress with the 955Q drivers…

Before I go down this slipper slope, checking to see if anyone else has been successful with installing this TV Stick.

Seems it is not in the kernel currently ATSC USB devices - LinuxTVWiki

Per this link, the driver should have been included since Kernel 4.1

I just ordered one (Xbox One compatible) but hope that I can use it to roll a DVR on my RaspPi2. Anyone try this hardware yet?

I guess I’ll answer my own question, yes the tuner does work right out of the box…kind of. I’m able to scan channels and tune them, but OSMC crashes most of the time when I change channels. Attached is a debug log if anyone wishes to jump in. You want to look at the old log, bottom of the page. Feedback would be swell :slight_smile:

This is a clean install onto a Pi3, I do not have the MPEG2 license enabled, left settings to default.

Get the mpeg2.

Well, applied the license and it looks like it’s working pretty good. No crash yet. Still, shouldn’t OSMC not crash when doing MPEG2 software decoding? It decodes fine until a channel change. The license is cheap and probably gives better results, just wondered why the crash occurs in the first place.

Bump. I’m still wondering if there is a bug here. MPEG2 software decode works till channel change.