Anyone using Aeon MQ 8 skin?

Looking at changing up the skin on my Vero, was thinking of Aeon MQ 8 but have suspicions it might be a bit too heavy for the Vero.

Skin Aeon MQ 8 - 2.9.0 - Kodi Leia

Anyone using this skin, and does it perform ok?


I use it and it works and looks fantastic on the Vero4K…very fast and no problems whatsoever…

I was using it with the switch to Kodi 18 on a Vero4K+. It looks fantastic. There was a couple things that were a little slow but not unbearable. In the last week I just started trying out Eminence 2(mod). Very nice skin and I think I like it a little better than Aeon MQ 8. It runs great on the Vero.

Thanks for the feedback.
Think I’ll take a look at it this weekend.
I still like Rapier, but there’s a few little issues here and there.
I’'ll go read through the Aeon thread, but does it support the logos, clearart etc?

At any rate, appreciate the input! :+1:

I use it. At times there can be a slight hesitation, but it looks beautiful and very show-offy on movie night!!

Thanks, installed it last night and quite like it.
Need to see if I can find the colored icons and the media case for 4K has a weird filter = ‘4k’ needs to be in the title…so with none of my files having ‘4k’ in the name, only 2160p or UHD so I want to see if those parameters can be updated.
So far so good though, much nicer than Rapier