Anyone using TvHeadend with OSMC?

I’m currently using LibreElec on a Raspberry Pi 2 with a Mythtv backend running on an old PC. I’m starting to get fed up with the noisy PC and I’m thinking that TvHeadend might be a suitable alternative.

I’ve also recently come across OSMC and think the interface looks very neat.

Has anyone had any experience combining OSMC and TvHeadend? Also has anyone combined both of these on a Raspberry Pi 2?

I’m going to use a NAS for storage and someone has pointed out that the Pi might struggle with the data rates so splitting Tvheadend and OSMC to 2 separate Pi’s might be a good idea.

Yes I am using this combination with the TVHeadend Server that is available in the OSMC APP Store.
All working fine.

At the top of the screen at the right you will see a magnifying glass, you can use this to search the forum. If you search for tvheadend you will find many many threads with people sharing their experiences, issues and solutions.

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I am using TVH with a twin tuner on a single RP2 and can tell there is no problem with data rates.

From the naked figures even streaming a BDrip (≈ 35 Mbit/s) over wired network would work. In reality simultaneously recording 2 programs in SD while watching a third video file works without problems. The only limitation is you cannot simultaneously record two streams in HD (what puzzles me, cause from the figures it should work, too).

Also note that in the current version of OSMC automatic skiping of ads is broken – see Kodi forum: Commercial Skipping […]. But I am in good hope this will be fixed soon.

Thanks for the feedback and advice.

I managed to get OSMC installed last night and get TVheadend configured to a point where I can watch tv channels (Top tip: When configuring a HDHomeRun you need to set the parent item (the one above the TV adapters as “DVB-T”) otherwise you can’t assign any networks to the TV adapters).

All I need to do now is figure out how to save recordings to my NAS.

I’ve configured my Ubuntu setup to mount the NAS so I’m hoping I won’t have to much of a problem, although the lack of GUI may give me a headache.


I do run TVheadend with HDhomerun EU (4 tuners - “dvb-c”), two dvb-t sticks on an ubuntu linux. For a while I mounted the Synology NAS share via NFS to my ubuntu filesystem and made this the record folder for tvheadend. Works.
I decided to use a local HDD instead, as potential recordings always interrupts my maintenance work on the NAS… I can ask family members to pause a watching, but I can’t ask the cable provider to wait with the movie… :wink:
Also I use the “manual” job of coping a tvheadend record (which I do in MKV), to adjust the filename for better finding with the universal movie scraper in Kodi. On Kodi systems I do have the NAS shares mounted and use the “advanced settings” to link to a mysql database on the NAS. As a result only my central Kodi does rescanning of network folders to find new movies, but all Kodi’s will get the information from the central DB.

If any element of my setup is challenging you, please feel free to ask and I can be more technical detailed… :wink:


Thanks Olgr, quite interested to hear how you copy the tvheadend and rename to be more kodi friendly. Was hoping to do this, but not sure how to migrate and then delete the recording from tvheadend.
Worst case I could do it manually

No need to do this manually.

There’s this marvelous little programm named filebot, to do that for you. There is a Debian package available so you can install it on your media center and even run it automated as a postscript from tvheadend.