Anything newer than v18 avail? - can’t get iPlayer WWW to work

Dear all,

It became clear that I needed to update my setup, sat dormant for a while.

The iPlayer WWW (downloaded thru kodi official repo) after booting my OSMC Pi build, fails start any videos.

—-I’m not getting any replies on the iPlayer forum so asking here.

It finds/explores/lists all the video content but fails to start.
I’m led to believe that the add on is currently very healthy (it comes and goes when. BBC change stuff)

Sometimes, fundamental (big broken) stuff can be a sign of outdated kodi build. So I checked my Pi.

Currently on ver18 of Kodi. I notice there’s Kodi 20 avail now on their site.
IPlayer WWW build is 3.0.53 (latest avail)

I thought, ok I’ll update my OSMC through the updates add on/script in the menus, but it finds nothing new.

—-are there any newer builds of ‘OSMC for RaspPi2b available?
— should the script/add on be functioning correct at present? (Ie find and download any newer updates?)

Kind thanks. :+1:t2:

Yes you are very out of date, Kodi 20.2 is around, possibly something even newer too

You are probably too old to upgrade in place so you’ll likely have to reinstall from scratch.

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Oh really? What a bugger… setting up library all over again… zz.

Seems odd…

I don’t think it seems all that odd. If you had been keeping yourself up to date you’ve have been able to do small incremental updates along the way but because you’ve left it so long this is not really an option any more.

You might be able to use the Kodi backup/restore feature, i think that should keep your library intact but not sure how happy that is when moving between major Kodi versions.

Might be time to get a new device though as I think I read here that RPi2b will not be getting future releases of OSMC - double check though as I didn’t focus on it as I am using a Pi4 nowadays (and a Pi0 elsewhere that has been obselete for a long time).

Here is the RPi 2 statement

Kodi will usually update the database doing this but it requires a bit of extra work in this situation. Since the clean install will make a database of the current version, and Kodi only updates a database if it can’t find a current version during startup, after doing the restore one would have to go to the terminal, stop mediacenter, remove the newer version db, and then start mediacenter again to actually kick off the database conversion.

I think I could probably handle all those steps and I’m greatful for the explanation but I think all said n done, I’d probably prefer start from scratch entirely.

Another job on the list…. …

Maybe an rpi4 would be an idea,

I’m still using a 1080p tv, and just want a quicker UI tbh.,l (eminence). I haven’t really compared specs on the cpu and mem areas between Pis…. has there been much notable upgrade?

From a RPi 2 to a RPi 4? Yes, a lot. There is also a RPi 5 coming out soon and the Vero V started shipping a few weeks back.

You won’t get a Pi 5 this side of 2024 now

Ok, not worried

What do you mean by that Sam? I ordered a Pi5 at the beginning of october, delivery in theory for october 31st, it arrived a little later at the beginning of november (I live in Italy). In fact now I’m vividly waiting for an OSMC version for Pi5. Meanwhile I have switched to Libreelec 11, that’s already ready; no problem for rebuilding the library, it’s really very very fast.
But I still prefer OSMC 'cause it’s more precise while finding albums and artists images and infos.
Edit: Uh oh… you’re quite right Sam… I did a good deal ordering early because now RPi5 is mainly out of stock almost everywhere. Thanks.

I’ve seen (in LE’s Slack) their user numbers and it suggests that very few users have a Pi 5 in their hands yet.